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Screen Protector

Screen Protector

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  1. Material: The screen protector is made from tempered glass, a type of safety glass that is processed through controlled thermal or chemical treatments. This process strengthens the glass, making it more resistant to breakage.

  2. Thickness: Tempered glass screen protectors are available in various thicknesses, typically ranging from 0.3mm to 0.5mm. The thickness provides a balance between protection and maintaining touch sensitivity.

  3. Scratch Resistance: The tempered glass surface is highly scratch-resistant, shielding your device's screen from everyday wear and tear caused by keys, coins, or other sharp objects in your pocket or bag.

  4. Impact Protection: One of the main advantages of a tempered glass screen protector is its ability to absorb and disperse impact forces. If your device falls or gets accidentally knocked, the screen protector takes the brunt of the impact, helping to prevent cracks or damage to the actual screen.

  5. Smooth and Clear: The screen protector is designed to be transparent and smooth, ensuring minimal interference with the device's display quality and touch sensitivity. It allows you to maintain the original visual clarity and touch response of your device.

  6. Oleophobic Coating: Many tempered glass screen protectors feature an oleophobic coating, which repels oil, fingerprints, and smudges. This makes it easier to clean and maintain the clarity of the protector.

  7. Easy Installation: Installing a tempered glass screen protector is relatively straightforward. It typically involves aligning the protector correctly and applying it to the device's screen, without the need for any adhesives.

  8. Case Compatibility: Tempered glass screen protectors are usually designed to be case-friendly, allowing you to use them in combination with most smartphone cases without issues.

  9. Bubble-Free Application: High-quality tempered glass screen protectors often come with technology that helps in bubble-free application, ensuring a smooth and seamless installation.

  10. Removability: If necessary, the screen protector can be removed without leaving any residue or causing damage to the device's screen.

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