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96 w Charger Compatible W/ Macbook

96 w Charger Compatible W/ Macbook

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96W USB C Power Adapter For USB C to C Cable


  • Much faster than 67W while charging MacBook
  • Perfect match USB C to Mag Safe 3 cable.
  • The official canceled the 87W and upgrade to 96W, get Longer Battery Life But Not Longer Charge Time:
  1. 96W Charge Pro 16 inch(8724mAh): 1h 47mins
  2. 87W Charge Pro 15 inch(6257mAh): 1h 40mins
  • Implements advanced charging technology to deliver never-before-seen high-speed charging, you will never go back to your crappy old default adapter again.
  • Carry one USB C charger to meet all your laptop or cellphone charging need, make travel more simple.

  • Complies with international safety standards and built-in safeguards to protect your laptop or mobile phone from overcharging, short circuit.
  • Sophisticated electronic innards avoid overheating.

  • With a foldable plug protect screen from scratches, make it more portable for travel.